G.U.M. (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics)

G.U.M. (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics) teaches students critical skills important for successful writing. This program offers a flexible format and many ways to engage students in learning basic building blocks of the English language. Each grade level consists of 5 units with 10 two-page lessons per unit.

  • Units include sentence structure, parts of speech, usage, grammar and mechanics
  • Lessons provide examples, information, practice, application and reinforcement of each skill
  • Instruction takes about 15 minutes per day

Product Specifications


  • English
  • Student and Teacher Editions available

Skill Exercised:

  • Grammar
  • Speech patterns
  • Writing and proofreading


  • U.S. Common Core State Standards

Available Formats:

  • Print

Program Components

Student Editions

Includes review and extra practice pages, proofreading activities, tests in standardized-test format, and a convenient Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Handbook

Teacher Editions

Provides detailed instruction, assessment plans, oral language activities and strategies to help English-language learners

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