Happily Ever After

Grades Pre-K+

Happily Ever After is a reading-readiness program that gives children the foundation to begin reading. The program consists of 10 classic stories to help English-language learners constantly stay engaged in writing, listening, and speaking. The beautiful illustrations, explicit teaching instructions, and hands-on activities will delight and motivate children.

  • A classroom set consists of 10 Big Books of classic children’s stories that form a 10 unit curriculum

  • With 15-30 minutes of instruction every day, each unit takes approximately 2 weeks to teach

  • Program comes with full Teacher Binder that contains a program overview and instruction books with detailed lessons plans for all units

  • Teacher Binder and Materials
    • Includes detailed Teacher’s Guides, 10 Big Books, instructional CDs, and various other materials for classroom activities and teaching new concepts
  • Student Activity Pages Pad
    • A pad of 80 consumable Activity Pages, that includes 10 Take-Home Storybooks, provides enough material for 8 students
  • English

  • Print format

  • Teacher and student material

Skills Exercised
  • English language and vocabulary (including letter recognition)

  • Listening and direction following

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness

  • Auditory discrimination

  • Fine motor skills