Highlights Library

Ages 2+

How can we help children become confident and successful readers?

The answer is simple - the more children read, the stronger readers they become. The challenge can be getting children access to the right books and tools they need to become strong readers. Highlights Library is an all-in-one digital reading tool that gives children instant access to a comprehensive collection of engaging leveled stories. The path to reading fluency starts here!

  • Extensive Library: Students choose from a collection of more than 2,000 Highlights stories across their favorite content areas, and read along with tools like audio narration, and text highlighting.

  • Actionable Assessment: Reading level placement tests and comprehension quizzes ensure students are reading the appropriate books, understanding the material, and reaching reading goals.

  • Learning Management System: A built-in LMS allows for creating classes, viewing real-time progress with reporting metrics, and assigning students books with associated due dates.

  • Anywhere, Anytime: Highlights Library is cross platform with single sign-on across the web and mobile app versions making it easy and secure to access at any time.