I Read to Write

Grades 2-6

I Read to Write is a program teaches students to read and analyze multiple texts and write a well-structured response.  Each book contains unit content areas of Science, Social Studies and Math.

  • Read – Students closely read two or three related selections and identify text evidence in the pieces

  • Think – Students deconstruct and analyze the texts and use evidence to answer text-dependent questions

  • Write – Students analyze the writing task and write to multiple sources in one of the three text types (Narrative, Informative/Explanatory and Opinion or Argument).


Teacher Edition

Includes easy, flexible and effective instruction, which supports teachers' preparation on text types

Student Edition

Grade-level content that contains unit content areas of Science, Social Studies, and Math

Additional Resources

Zaner-Bloser Next Generation Assessment Practice

  • English

  • Print format

  • Student and Teacher Editions available in print format

  • U.S. Common Core State Standards

Skills Exercised
  • Reading strategies

  • Language comprehension

  • Independent thinking