spelling connections

Spelling Connections

Grades K-8

Based on more than 30 years of research, the program teaches spelling through meaningful practice activities, technology and word sorting. Each grade level consists of 36 week-long units designed to take about 15 minutes per day.

  • Includes flexible 3- to 5-day plans with clear instructions

  • Makes connections to thinking, phonics/vocabulary, reading and writing

  • Helps teachers monitor progress using diagnostic, formative and summative assessments


Digital Resources

Interactive whiteboard activities, word list games, spelling bee functionality and a digital dictionary

Spelling Support for ELL

Vocabulary practice and teaching strategies to accelerate English acquisition

  • English

  • Student and Teacher Editions available

  • Print &¬†Digital formats

Skills Exercised
  • Spelling patterns and strategies

  • Vocabulary and phonics

  • Writing