Mobile Optimized Hidden Pictures™

Ages 6+

For over 70 years, Highlights has published Hidden Pictures puzzles that are designed to challenge, delight, and motivate puzzlers. Now, the mobile Hidden Pictures puzzles can be solved on any phone, tablet, and computer. Mobile Optimized Hidden Pictures puzzles come with their own engine, which allows them to be easily uploaded to any website, mobile app, social media platform, and more!

  • Automatic screen resizing for phones and tablets
  • More than 180 Hidden Pictures puzzles now, and more added regularly
  • Easily translatable to any language
  • Can add local partner branding
  • Customizable and flexible system
  • Product Format: Digital
  • Technical Specs:
  • Server needs:
  • HTTP server to run code from Apache, NGINX, or IIS
  • Client needs:
  • Web browser that supports HTML5/Javascript
Skills Exercised
  • Visual discrimination
  • Vocabulary development
  • Observation and deduction