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License or distribute Highlights products in your market! Highlights has been expanding its global reach to publish books and magazines in many different languages and markets. We are actively seeking exceptional partners who share our mission to create products that nourish children's minds and hearts.

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Highlights Quality

The experts at Highlights are committed to creating products of the highest quality and adhering to the highest standards in business methods and practices. We strive to be excellent, offering children and families superior products and services.


A Wealth of Children's Content

With more than a billion copies in print, Highlights is the most widely read magazine in North America. Along with High Five, Hello magazines, plus our popular puzzle and activity books series, we have a wealth of products to keep kids entertained throughout childhood and beyond.


Our Dedicated Editorial Team

Our dedicated editorial team will work with you to select just the right Highlights content for your product. From initial content selection to final review and approval, our editors love to collaborate with other editors around the world to create the best possible product for children.


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License Highlights Products in Your Market! Discover how working with us will help you realize your full potential while helping others achieve theirs.

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