Hidden Pictures™ Foldout-Fun Puzzle Books

Ages 3-6

This innovative, tall and thin format with 12 large gatefold fl aps doubles the size of the puzzle on each spread, making learning about letters and numbers a double-the-fun learning experience. Early learning concepts are presented in a unique, interactive way, off ering an entertaining and satisfying first-puzzling and learning experience. With more than 140 objects to find, the tall and thin trim size with two gatefolds on each spread has endless play value.

  • Promotes attention to detail and increases vocabulary

  • Instills good work habits

  • Develops self-confidence

  • Family-friendly and time-tested

  • Hardcover with card stock gatefold spreads

  • 12 pages

  • Full-color illustrations

Skills Exercised
  • Attention to detail

  • Vocabulary acquisition

  • Problem solving