Mobile Optimized Hidden Pictures™

Ages 6+

Our classic Hidden Pictures™ puzzles, published by Highlights for over 70 years, are now optimized for mobile use! Mobile optimized Hidden Pictures™ puzzles are in HTML5 format which allows these puzzles to operate on any phone, tablet, and computer, resizing to fit any screen. Mobile Optimized Hidden Pictures™ puzzles come with their own engine, which allows them to be easily uploaded to any website, mobile app, social media platform, and more!

  • Automatic screen resizing for phones and tablets
  • More than 180 Hidden PicturesTM puzzles now, and more added regularly
  • Easily translatable to any language
  • Can add local partner branding
  • Customizable and flexible system

Technical Specs:

  • Server needs:
    • HTTP server to run code from Apache, NGINX, or IIS
  • Client needs:
    • Web browser that supports HTML5/Javascript
Skills Exercised
  • Visual perception
  • Vocabulary development
  • Observation & Deduction