8th Annual Hidden Pictures Challenge

Fun with Hidden Pictures

Highlights for Children is best known around the world for our Hidden Pictures puzzles. For decades, children have searched the pages of Highlights magazine for hidden objects cleverly hidden within a tree branch or the collar of a shirt. Off the pages of the magazine, our partners help us bring the puzzles to life with Hidden Pictures Challenges.

This year, our partner Bookman hosted their 8th annual Hidden Pictures Challenge in Hsinchu City and Changhua City, Taiwan and have two more events in December. By the end of the challenge more than 300 children will participate and thousands of objects will be found! Children have 40 minutes to complete two Hidden Picture puzzles in black and white, using color to solve the puzzles and expanding their imaginations and creativity.

HP Challenge
Photo Credit: Fun with Hidden Pictures 尋寶趣

When the timer starts, a buzz fills the air and children become focused on the puzzles in front of them.

Puzzling helps children acquire attention to detail, concentration, and visual perception while increasing vocabulary. Challenges like this promote English learning in a relaxed environment that promotes casual conversations, helping increase self-confidence to use new vocabulary words in speech.

For example, in the image below children are eager to find the hidden objects, but unconsciously, they are really practicing their vocabulary and having FUN! This relaxed learning decreases learning stress for children and teachers while increasing classroom morale so that children feel comfortable with their classmates. When children feel comfortable, they are more likely to try new thingslike sounding out a difficult word.

Photo Credit: Fun with Hidden Pictures 尋寶趣

The Hidden Picture Challenges hosted by Bookman are what Highlights is all aboutFun with a Purpose. We hope more events like this can be hosted in 2021 and look forward to seeing the joyful learning that is happening all around the world with Hidden Pictures puzzles.


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