They’re Back! Highlights Library Reading Champs

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Last week, we introduced you to a few of the Reading Champs from Hong Kong. This week, we’d like to introduce you to a few more! A Reading Champ is someone who loves to read and is among the top Highlights Library readers in the world. There are so many children who reached amazing reading achievements this past year, and with the help of our partner Stanford House, we got to meet more of the Reading Champs from Hong Kong!

In the videos below, Marcus Chang, Interactive Learning Instructor, invites each Reading Champ to share their love of reading. Read a bit about each Reading Champ below, then click the links to watch and listen to them share their favorite features of Highlights Library!  

Emmanuel Primary School, Kowloon – Henry

Henry has read 2,307 books in the past year. This is a wonderful achievement! He shares his love of reading with his younger sister by reading with her once or twice a week. Henry loves Highlights Library because of the wide variety of books he can readfrom science to sports, or low-leveled books he can read with his sister.


Leung Kui Kau Lutheran Primary School - Sally

Sally has read 2,157 books, way to go! Her favorite book in Highlights Library is the Adventures of Spot Ma Knows Best. With her little brother, Sally reads stories about adventures and practices English vocabulary words. We can’t wait to see the real-life adventures Sally and her brother go on!  


SKH Mung Yan Primary School - Alice

Our next Reading Champ, Alice, has read 2,266 books. Great job, Alice! She enjoys reading about the funny adventures that the character Spot goes on. She enjoys the many English stories and loves that she can also listen to the stories in Highlights Library.


We are thrilled these Reading Champs found their love of reading in Highlights Library and can’t wait to see what they accomplish next! A big thank you to Stanford House and the children, educators, and parents who participated in the videos – THANK YOU! Check again soon for more Highlights Library Reading Champs from around the world. In the meantime, click here to watch more videos from the Reading Champs!



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