Build Curious, Caring, Confident, and Creative children, one book at a time!

4C Reading: Voices Collection

Children are innately kind. From a young age, they are willing to lend a helping hand, pick up a fallen friend, and show compassion toward people different than them. Studies show that kind acts make us happier, and happiness leads to a successful life, personally and professionally.

Through reading, Highlights believes we can grow this innate kindness. Our new box set, 4C Reading: Voices Collection, builds Curious, Caring, Confident, and Creative children one book at a time. This 3-box set, featuring books from the Voices Leveled Library series, uses a scaffolding approach to build confidence, vocabulary, and a love of reading. In each box there are 3 slipcases, each with 12 books that introduce children ages 4-9 to new reading skills and the practice of social-emotional learning in their lives.

4C Slipcases and Books

For example, in the book Community Helpers, children see the various people in their community who help each other and show kindness toward one another with everyday acts. The bus driver who takes them to school, the cook who makes lunch, the nurse who heals their scraped knees, and the friend who lends a helping hand… All the characters featured in the story are people children see in their own lives. This helps teach appreciation and gratitude and shows children what it means to care for others.

To further contextual support, this series has also been refreshed with all new photography that children will be delighted by. Through the photographs, children gain a better understanding of the text and understand the feelings of others. Children also see themselves in the images, helping to deepen their sense of self and feeling of belonging. This sense of self builds self-assurance, and when children are comfortable, they are more likely to try new things.

The 4C Reading: Voices Collection box set encourages children to keep trying for their goals and builds optimism. We all have ups and downs but what matters is that we get back up and try again. In the stories, children learn how to reframe a situation to see the bright side and develop an “I can” attitude.

VLL Pages

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