NEW! Highlights Library Reading Champs

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Each month, children from across the world read thousands of books on Highlights Library. They are intrigued, inspired and delighted by the stories in Highlights Library.  This past year, we saw children go above and beyond their reading goals, some reading over 1,500 books! These avid readers amaze us, and we are eager to congratulate them on their achievements.

Introducing the Highlights Library Reading Champs! A Reading Champ is someone who loves to read and is among the top Highlights Library readers in the world. These children will be featured in a new series called Highlights Library Reading Champs, and their submissions will be posted to our News page and YouTube page.

This month, with the help of our partner, Stanford House, we were able to virtually meet the Reading Champs in Hong Kong. In the videos below, Marcus Chang, Interactive Learning Instructor, invites each Reading Champ to share their love of reading. Read a bit about each Reading Champ below, then the links to watch and listen to them share their favorite parts of Highlights Library!  

The Salvation Army Lam Butt Chung Memorial School - Kelly

In the past year, Kelly has read 2,476 books. Wow, way to go Kelly! This is a great achievement. She enjoys reading detective stories and finds the stories in Highlights Library very interesting.

Reading Champ Kelly

Tak Sun School - Elton

Our next Reading Champ, Elton, has read 2,401 books. Way to go! He enjoys practicing his vocabulary with Highlights Library and loves to read the Adventures of Spot. Can you guess who his reading buddy is?

Reading Champ Elton

Tak Sun School - Chi Hin

Chi Hin has read 1,699 books, this is fantastic! With his father, Chi Hin enjoys exploring the library for new books, especially for books about animals. His favorite story is Bo’s Gloomy Day.

Reading Champ Chi Hin

We are thrilled these Reading Champs found their love of reading in Highlights Library and can’t wait to see what they accomplish next! A big thank you to Stanford House and the children, educators, and parents who participated in the videos – THANK YOU! Check again soon for more Highlights Library Reading Champs from around the world!


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