The Highlights Library Reading Champs of Hong Kong

Reading Champs of Hong King Cover

With Highlights Library, children can grow their love of reading by exploring new topics and meeting new characters, while achieving their reading goals. This year, children all over the world surpassed their reading goals, including many children in Hong Kong.

In our last blog, we introduced you the Reading Champs Henry, Alice, and Sally. This week, Marcus Chang, Interactive Learning Instructor, met Alex, Elisa, and Jonas. A Reading Champ is someone who loves to read and is among the top Highlights Library readers in the world.  Read a bit about each child, then click the links to watch and listen to them share their favorite features of Highlights Library!  

YOT Tin Ka Ping Primary School - Jonas

This past year, Jonas has read 1,805 books. Congratulations! His favorite book is from the Read with Highlights Science Collection. It’s titled Real Robots. He enjoys reading books about science and can find many STEAM topics to read about in Highlights Library. Keep discovering, Jonas, and happy reading!

Reading Champ Jonas

Laichikok Catholic Primary School - Elisa

Elisa has read 1,847 books this past year. Way to go, this is a wonderful accomplishment! With the authentic English stories in Highlights Library and the help of her mom, Elisa has become a more confident reader. She enjoys reading about Tex’s and Indi’s rich school lives.

Reading Champ Elisa

TWGHS Yiu Dak Chi Memorial Primary School (Yuen Long) - Alex

Our next Reading Champ, Alex read 2,318 books. This is a great achievement! Alex enjoys reading the Ask Arizona series because he likes to read about family and friends. With his reading buddy, Nova, Alex reads his way through the library and loves the feeling he gets after completing the quiz at the end of each story.

Reading Champ Alex

We are so proud of all the Highlights Library readers and Reading Champs who have found their love of reading with Highlights Library. A big thank you to Stanford House and the children, educators, and parents who participated in the videos – THANK YOU! Check again soon for more Highlights Library Reading Champs, we’ll be meeting some of the Reading Champs from Indonesia! In the meantime, click here to watch more videos from the Reading Champs!



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