Digital Reading in Ohio

Highlights Library & INFOhio

We are delighted to partner with INFOhio to offer our digital reading platform, Highlights Library, to all students in Ohio.  INFOhio, the Information Network for Ohio schools, provides electronic resources to educators and parents in Ohio. With over 2,500 stories for children to explore, Highlights Library helps children grow a love of reading and explore new topics, and it motivates them to keep reading with rewards, badges, and Hidden Pictures puzzles.

For INFOhio, the 500 stories in the library focused on social emotional learning (SEL) themes are of particular interest. SEL is an educational focus that helps children acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to:

  • understand and manage emotions
  • set and achieve positive goals
  • feel and show empathy for others
  • establish and maintain positive relationships
  • make responsible decisions.

These stories help children understand that they are important to future successes and creates lifelong learners who contribute to society. In 2019, INFOhio helped to develop SEL standards for schools in Ohio. We look forward to seeing children in Ohio discover their love of reading with the same platform that has helped many children around the globe do the same.


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