Highlights Library is an EdTech Awards Finalist!

EdTech Awards

We are delighted and honored that Highlights Library is a finalist in the 2020 EdTech Awards in the reading and literacy category of the awards.

“This year has been different, to say the least. However, despite formidable challenges brought about by world events—including locked-down cities, standstill travel, and closed offices, businesses and schools—we endure,” said Victor Rivero, Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, via a press release.

The EdTech Awards, hosted by EdTech Digest, recognize innovators that are using technology to improve the lives of learners around the world. Amongst the many changes the world is going through, it is wonderful to see spotlights shined on those who have made great impacts during the shift to online learning.

Highlights Library is designed to help children discover a love of reading wherever they may go, including at-home. Denise Flowers, lead project specialist for Highlights Library, said, “We’ve always aimed for Highlights Library to be a simple but flexible platform – simple enough that a student can pick up a device and read independently at home, but flexible enough that a teacher can also use it in the classroom.”

Complete with progress reports, assignment functionality, and reading rewards, Highlights Library keeps kids motivated and helps family members and teachers to easily support their learning.

“During a time now where so many children are learning from home, it’s been exciting to see just how adaptable the tool is both inside and outside of school. We’ve seen some new ways of using Highlights Library in these recent months, and I’m thrilled and proud to be helping parents, teachers and students get through this difficult time,” said Flowers.

Thank you to the EdTech Awards! We look forward to continuing to help create joyful reading experiences. Access the full press release and the list of finalists and winners here.




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