Highlights Library Stories Featured in Reading Competition

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This week our partner in Turkey, Unlimited Educational Services (UES), announced the winner of the fourth annual Readasaurs competition!


For the contest, a child gets to choose a book and use their imagination to create a video about it. The kids can read many books and make many videos—there is no limit to their creativity! This year, students had the option to choose books from Highlights Library for the competition. As a partner, UES brings Highlights Library to more than 20,000 students in Turkey. This contest encourages children to dive deeper into their ideas about the book and think outside of the box for their video. Students have about three months to complete their masterpieces. They can give a review, make recommendations or discuss character development, use of imagery, plot, etc.

Ipek Ozden, this year’s winner, was passionate about her video, and she did great in her enthusiastic review of the book! She gave a summary of the story, character descriptions, and told us what she learned. She acted and had props that added authenticity to her video. After the videos are reviewed, the winner is announced to the schools. The schools will usually host a small celebration for the kids and the parents and teachers who helped them. Ipek won an iPad, and the second-place winner, Aylin Savas, won an iPad mini!

We love to hear about events like Readasaurs that encourage children to become their best selves. It is competitions like this one that truly build a love of reading and learning in children. Will Gordon, our Senior Digital Territory Specialist, said, “It was so great to see all the creative videos these children came up with, and I am proud that Highlights stories could be a part of it.” We are proud to partner with UES because they are dedicated to our shared mission of inspiring kids to be confident, creative, caring, and curious. Congratulations to Ipek and Aylin! We can’t wait to see what you do next and look forward Readasaurs in 2020!




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