The Benefits of Reading with a Talking Pen

Talking pen 1

There are many skills that help children become proficient readers, like vocabulary, phonics, decoding, comprehension, fluency. But one skill is vital to developing the others: listening. Listening not only means hearing, but it also means understanding. Numerous studies have shown that a talking pen helps develop listening skills and reading comprehension.  

What is a talking pen? Pictured below, the pen is bright, colorful, and easy for kids to use. It encourages independent reading from a young age. When children tap on a word using the pen, they hear the word spoken to them in English. Listening to English audio helps children build an English “ear”, absorbing the sounds, structures, intonation patterns, and correct pronunciation of English words and sentences. It also builds listening comprehension skills, helping them to progress as they get older.

It is important to provide many opportunities for children to grow their listening skills, and the talking pen can go anywhere, anytime, making it easy to practice listening often. 

Many Highlights International products can be created with a talking pen or include an audio component to further English language learning. Learn more about our products with audio, here.


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