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Spring Into Reading

Our new collection, Spring Into Reading, is made especially for eager readers ready to dive into topics they are curious about like the seasons, relationships, different foods, and even their daily routines. Spanning across 4 levels, this series of 48 titles features simple sentences and short words to help children that are beginning to read. Let’s look inside a book!

At the beginning of each book, is a list of words to know from the story. Educators can use this list to encourage extra-textual talk by asking readers to find the words as images later in the book.

SIR Words to Know

Each book features colorful pages and engaging illustrations to help capture children’s attention and immerse them in a warm reading environment.

Hello Spring

As children progress and become more fluent in their reading, the sentence structure and words become more complex.

Hello, Spring!
Hello, Spring! Level 1
Earth Day
Earth Day Level 4


At the end of each book are post-reading activities to help with reading comprehension and encourage discussion. Also included for each book, is a reading guide that provides educators with questions to ask about the book, reading tips, and information about the key words and sentences.  

End of Book

To extend learning even further for English language learners, each book has an accompanying animated ebook with audio. Watch and listen to Hello, Spring! here.

Spring Into Reading encourages children to find delight in their daily life and explore new topics while discovering a love of reading. Have readers that are ready to Spring Into Reading? Contact us today!


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