Highlights Library in Annual Reading Competition


From superheroes to historical figures, children all over Turkey used their imagination to share their favorite stories in an annual reading competition where book reports go digital. In May, our partner in Turkey, Unlimited Education Services (UES), finished their fifth annual reading competition called Readasuars. Children choose one or more books to read and then make a video, often using imagination and creativity to give a digital book review. The competition is for primary students ages 6-10 and secondary students ages 11-14. This year, more than 1,500 videos were received from over 70 schools. We are delighted that the two winners from the secondary student group chose stories from Highlights Library, as well as the two runners-up of the primary student group!

Artun Ayanoğlu, a primary student runner up, reviewed the Highlights Library book, Freddy’s Superhero. Artun was charismatic and passionate in his video, choosing to reenact the story as the main character, Freddy, in his best superhero outfit, helping his family members and saving the day!


The Readasaurs competition assesses students’ accuracy and vocabulary, fluency, discourse management and pronunciation in their videos. So, it’s no surprise why Oğuz Kaan Üstün and Rand Abumijem were winners of the secondary students group.

Oğuz read Freedom for All, sharing thoughts and recommendations on the book. Oğuz also shared what lesson he took from it, “this book taught me a lot of things: to never ever give up, always keep working hard, and go after your dreams no matter what.”




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