Highlights Library: Solving Education Needs in Turkey

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The digital learning space in Turkey is growing and providing new opportunities for children’s education. According to one report, the education services market has grown 99% from 2012 to 2016. Turkey’s education sector is flourishing and vibrant currently but with this growth comes new challenges for educators.

One of those challenges is that the student to teacher ratio has become very uneven and because of this, teachers are looking for ways to conduct class more efficiently. Many schools have begun to adopt digital reading platforms to help teachers achieve this.

Unlimited Educational Services (UES) is an established education company that provides ELT textbooks, printed books and readers, and digital solutions for private schools in Turkey. We partner with UES to bring several Highlights products to children in Turkey, including our digital reading platform, Highlights Library. Through UES, Highlights Library is available to more than 70 private schools in Turkey. These schools have found Highlights Library to be a resourceful tool that enables teachers to efficiently and easily quiz, track, and reward students’ comprehension while providing access to over 2,500 Highlights books.

Teachers implement reading in two different ways: extensive reading and intensive reading. Extensive reading, which is reading done at home, focuses on developing a love of reading. The books in Highlights Library were carefully selected to engage kids with relatable characters and intriguing plots, which makes reading at home fun for children. There are also rewards like reading badges and Hidden Pictures puzzles to recognize children’s achievements and build self-confidence.

Intensive reading is reading done in the classroom that focuses on comprehension and interpretation of the text. With Highlights Library, teachers can assign reading to be done at home or in class. Some teachers assign a weekly book while others assign five books per week to reach weekly reading goals. Some teachers have even designed Highlights Library reading bulletin boards that feature the books required for reading that week. Additional features include quizzes, data reports, audio narration, and storybook videos that are ideal for read-aloud groups.

Aside from the flexibility the platform offers schools, Highlights Library provides extensive classroom resources, including progress charts, printable posters and training materials. UES has extended these resources by creating printable posters and implementing a “Reading Star” feature that recognizes a student as the reader of the month. We are continuously adding resources, and by visiting Highlights Library campuses regularly throughout the year, UES helps us ensure that each school is getting the most out of the features and enhancements.

We have been thrilled to see the success of the schools in Turkey using Highlights Library through UES’ support. By partnering with supportive, innovative companies like UES, we can begin to solve some of the challenges that educators face and help children discover a love of reading. To learn more about Highlights Library and how it can suit your market’s needs, head over to our partnership page, click on Become a Partner, and send us a message!   


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