Star of High Reading

Star of High Reading

Part of our global mission at Highlights is to encourage children around the world to discover their love of reading, with the help of our partners around the world. Our Highlights Library partner in China, Improve, was able to host their first ever Improve Star of High Reading Program. For the event, children ages 3-18 were invited to participate through their schools and were asked to pick a book that fit under the theme of Health and Wellness. Children chose a variety of titles like, Feelings, Caring, and Keeping it Clean and made videos and art about the stories!

Nine-year-old Hong Yuze, who loves reading, chose Food on the Farm to read in his video and made a picture that shows all the different types of food on the farm!

Food on the Farm
Click to hear Hong Yuze read his story

Sally Qiu showcased her art skills and her English skills in her video and art about Exercise.

Click to hear Sully Qiu read hear story

Lastly, Mandy, 7 years old, read How to Cure a Cold with determination and grace!

How to Cure a Cold
Click to hear Mandy read her story
How to Cure a Cold

We are delighted that these children were able to grow their love of reading with Highlights Library and proud to partner with Improve, who helps us spread our mission each and every day. The Improve Star of High Reading event was held from July 25 to August 20, and we are so proud of all the children who participated. Happy reading!

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