The Redesigned High Five Magazine has New Ways to Learn!

High Five

Highlights High Five magazine has a new look, have you noticed? Designed and written for children 2-6 years old, High Five magazine is an exciting, colorful, fun-filled magazine developed by the early childhood experts at Highlights for Children to encourage and inspire tender hearts and curious young minds. The High Five editors made some changes to the magazine this year to help little ones focus on important imagery and reinforce skills that prepare them for reading, math, and other areas of development.

“From fonts to doodles, photos to layouts, we want each issue to make your child smile, laugh, wonder, exclaim, ask, and learn,” said High Five magazine’s Editor in Chief, Meghan Dombrink-Green. “Of course, young children also like structure and consistency. That’s why the key characters and elements in High Five continue to remain the same. Our goal every month is to create a joy-filled experience that you and your child share.”

Artwork that Pops!

The artwork is clean with more white space and is an appealing look to young readers, helping them focus better on the main images. The My First Hidden Pictures puzzles feature large illustrations that engage children and helps them develop vocabulary and visual acuity.

My First Hidden Pictures Puzzle

Imagination with Graphic Stories

The new graphic story in High Five tells a short story in pictures and encourages readers to describe what happens and expand further on what they see in the images. This interactive language model, creates opportunities for children to talk and to listen, and provides deep language and cognitive skills, laying the foundation for success in school.

Graphic Story

Experiments in the Science Lab

Beyond visual changes, there are also content changes, which includes more nonfiction and STEM stories, activities, and experiments. The Spots and Dots feature below shows rhyming nonfiction content that uses facts about animals and classification to support science and math development. The recurring “Science Lab” includes activities and experiments that introduce basic science concepts.


Whoops! How’d that get there?

Another new feature is called Whoops! It is a visual puzzle that has short phrases and a silly image at the end. It encourages children to classify what they see in order to understand the last silly image, which doesn’t fit the classification. It offers an opportunity to ask children questions like, “Where is/What are?” “Who is this?” and “What do you see?” This activity builds on the interactive language model and sets kids on the path to become lifelong learners.


Grow With Us!

Lastly, the “Your High Five” feature has expanded to put more focus on the world’s most important people – the readers! Your High Five features photos submitted from readers around the world trying out activities from the magazine. It gives children an opportunity to see them themselves and children like them in the magazine and promotes community sharing.

You can submit your photos here or our China readers can send their photos here:

Your High Five

Highlights High Five magazine creates a joyful reading experience and we are excited to engage and delight even more readers with this fresh new look!


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