Pinnacle Leadership Gathering

pinnacle gathering

In an increasingly globalized world, technology and education are rapidly evolving. Many of today’s young children will one day work in jobs or industries that do not yet exist. To equip teachers with tools needed to prepare students for this future, Pinnacle, our partner in Indonesia, hosts an annual Pinnacle Leadership Gathering. The gathering is intended to inform educators, ranging from teachers to school administrators, about the current trends in English language learning.

We were delighted that many educators got to preview Highlights Library, our digital reading platform, and see how it can help them achieve their goals for student success. Highlights Library is offered through Pinnacle and is used by students in 13 Indonesian schools, which totals over 10,000 accounts! With Highlights Library, educators are equipped with the resources they need to ensure their classroom is in the best possible position for children to engage and excel.

“Pinnacle Leadership Gathering is a great event because we get to interact with teachers, hear about their biggest challenges involved in encouraging students to read English, and show them how Highlights Library can help aid them in the incredible work they do,” commented Sandra Wu, Business Development Specialist at Highlights International. “Thus far, we’ve received very complimentary feedback, emphasizing the ease for both students and teachers. In South Asia, teachers have pointed out how difficult it is to develop in students a habit of reading, even in their mother tongue. For this reason, these teachers love how Highlights Library promotes this kind of extensive reading. We are very proud of Highlights Library and how it can help educators achieve their goals.”

We know that no student can be successful without the right support system, especially without the educators in their life. We are thrilled that Pinnacle provides a leadership gathering like this for English-language educators to gain new insights to support their students. For more information on Highlights Library, click here!


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